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Thank you for considering one of our properties for your future residence. The Paris Group Northwest, Inc. is an Equal Housing Opportunity provider and seeks to process all applications in a fair and consistent manner.


Link to Apply Online:


WA Real Estate Broker Agency Disclosure Pamphlet  (click on PDF to view)

  • The Paris Group NW solely represents the property owner when showing our rental listings. 

  • We do not represent renters or charge them for leasing services when showing our rental listings. 

  • We are paid a percentage of rent by the property owner as a leasing fee. 

Be Prepared - A thorough credit and criminal report will be provided by Appfolio, a third-party screening company. Please have your photo ID – proof of income – landlord contact information – credit card ready before applying.


Who Needs To Fill Out An ApplicationEach potential resident 18 years of age or older is required to complete an application, provide photo ID, proof of any claimed income as described below and sign the lease agreement. Applications are to be completed in full to be considered and if found to contain untrue, incorrect, or misleading information will be denied.


Screening Charge –A screening Charge of $45 per adult applicant will be charged by a 3rd party screening service, Appfolio upon completion of the application. This charge is non-refundable, unless the owner/Agent does not screen the Applicant. Please be careful when entering your information, because a re-screening fee will be charged for incorrect birth dates, social security numbers, etc.


Note: The Paris Group NW will not accept a comprehensive reusable tenant screening report, which is a report prepared by a consumer reporting agency at the direction of and paid for by the applicant. *Do not apply prior to touring rental, unless otherwise instructed by the property manager!! Applications will not be considered until you have toured in person or virtually.


If Approved – Applicant(s) will be required to sign a lease agreement and pay all move-in fees in form of cashier’s checks or money order within 48 hours to hold the property. Move-in fees consist of a minimum of 1st full month’s rent and refundable security deposit. Additional prepaid rent and/or deposit may be required for pets and qualification variances.


If Denied Due To Credit and/or Criminal Report – The applicant will be provided with contact information for the consumer reporting agencies that provided the consumer information.



  • Monthly gross income (before taxes & fees are deducted) must be at least three (3) times the monthly rent + utilities.  

  • Additional consideration will be given if monthly income does not meet three (3) times stated monthly rent, but applicant has low debt to income ratio and good credit. Additional deposit may be required. 

  • Proof of income in form of most recent paycheck stub, offer Letter, bank statements, tax records, HUD vouchers, etc.



  • Established good credit history is required (700+ FICO Score)

  • After a dischargeable bankruptcy, applicant must show proof of positive re-established credit and may be required to provide additional prepaid rent and/or deposit. 

  • Foreclosures may result in a denial or increased security deposit



  • 4 yrs of excellent residence history or home ownership will be verified through landlords, tax records and/or credit report  

  • Any NSF checks may result in denial

  • Any 3 day notices may result in denial

  • Rental history reflecting any unpaid past due rent may result in denial

  • Rental history showing unpaid damage will result in denial

  • Rental history with disturbance complaints will be denied


We do not automatically exclude rental applicants based on criminal history. Any criminal history will be evaluated in consideration of when the crime occurred, what the underlying conduct entailed, and/or what the rental applicant has done since the conviction. For properties located in the City of Seattle, we are prohibited from and will not require disclosure, inquire about or take an adverse action against a prospective occupant based on any arrest record, conviction record or criminal history. 



  • Any collection filed by a property management company/landlord will result in denial

  • Any unlawful detainer action or eviction will result in denial.

  • Any current 3 day notice will result in denial

  • Outstanding debt to property management or landlord will result in denial.

  • Any applicant with a bankruptcy not showing as discharge will result in denial.

  • Excessive collection will result in denial.

  • Threatening or abusive behavior towards any Paris Group NW employee, agent or contractor.

  • Not showing up at a scheduled showing without adequate notice to cancel, wasting the leasing agent's time. 

If you have any questions or need assistance, please don’t hesitate to contact the property manager shown on the listing. We are happy to help!


The Paris Group NW, Inc.

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