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On behalf of the Paris Group NW and your property owners... we want to extend to your family at home and abroad good health and peacefulness during these difficult times dealing with the Corona Virus (COVID-19). We are sincerely concerned and care about your welfare. Please don’t hesitate to reach out if you need assistance or have questions. 


Our team is here to serve YOU...  and help keep you safe. We and most of our contractors are working, using recommended state & CDC safety precautions to continue making necessary repairs, leasing properties, renewing leases & solving problems that arise without jeopardizing our clients.  


24/7 Maintenance Department... Conveniently request service online at Tenant Portal Log-in, call our maintenance hotline day or night at (206) 466-4938 or email

Tenant Resources for Financial Assistance

Pay Your Rent If You Can, But If You Can't...

Contact your property manager as soon as possible, so they can help you obtain financial assistance, set up a deferred payment plan and prepare the property owners for the financial challenges they will face. We need you to fill out a Resident Request for Disaster Rental Assistance form, which can be used to communicate with your landlord AND agencies who provide rental assistance. 

*Note: Per the state order, your unpaid rent will be deferred to when the shut-down order has been lifted and you are legally obligated to set up a payment plan for unpaid rent. So again, pay your rent if you are able...but don't hesitate to reach out if you can't. We are happy to assist.

Download Resident Request for Assistance Form Here: 

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